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Texas Waterfront Real Estate

Dallas Waterfront Real Estate

Looking for waterfront real estate for sale in Dallas? Well, although the Dallas area sits roughly 300 miles inland from any major body of water, you might be surprised at just how much lakefront property lies around Dallas, which of course is some of the most coveted real estate in the area. For more information about waterfront homes for sale in Dallas, give us a call or click on any of the links below to start browsing active listings.

Fort Worth Waterfront Real Estate

Like Dallas, the Fort Worth community doesn’t exactly sit on my water, however, you will find some pretty highly sought after lake here property that certainly qualifies as “waterfront.” Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth are actually two of the regions largest lakes, so when it comes to waterfront real estate in Ft Worth, those are usually the two locations where you might have some success finding active home listings currently on the market.

San Antonio Waterfront Real Estate

Although San Antonio isn’t quite as far from the Gulf as Dallas or Fort Worth, it’s still far enough away that you don’t have an abundance of waterfront real estate for sale here. Although some pretty sizable lakes are located just outside of the San Antonio area, with Victor Brauing Lake and Calaveras Lake the two that primarily come to mind, while the San Antonio River also runs right through the middle of town, also providing some waterfront real estate opportunities. For more info about San Antonio waterfront real estate, give us a call today or start viewing active home listings now!