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Short Sale Experts Realtors in the DFW area!!!

Give one of our EXPERTS a call @ 866.761.5217 or Contact Us for more information about selling your home

Are you Upside-Down on your House?

  • Are your problems due to circumstances that were beyond your control? (job loss, illness, death in family, divorce, payment increases)
  • Do you owe more on your mortgage than its appraisal value?
  • You do have choices, and the earlier you start, the better the chance of success.
  • Lenders do short sales because it is cheaper to discount your note than to foreclose.
  • Lenders will require your house be for sale, so your first step will be to call a REALTOR.

Are you having a problem?  Are you facing Foreclosure?

You want experience behind you. We works on your behalf to make it a brighter future for you and your family. When accepted into the short sale program, the lender will pay your closing costs and your REALTORS commission, so there is no added expense or risk to you.

The sooner you call, the better your chance for success.

Required documents: We can help you gather these documents

  1. Authorization letter to release info to REALTOR on your behalf.
  2. Hardship letter (get samples from REALTOR) as proof of all you claim.
  3. Mortgage account number of note in default (on payment receipts)
  4. Any other note account # you may have ( 2nd mortgage etc.)
  5. Copies of any correspondences from your lender/lawyer concerning un-paid account.
  6. Tax returns from all parties on note (1040 forms first 2 pages)
  7. 2 months' pay stubs from all parties on the note. (if unemployed - proof)
  8. If medical issues, proof of payments or non payments (not paid by insurance)
  9. 3 months bank statements (checking, savings)
  10. Financial information worksheet (get sample from REALTOR)
  11. If divorced, permission to sell letter from spouse.

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