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FAQ for Selling Your Dallas–Ft Worth Home

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Q:  What should I do to prepare my Dallas – Fort Worth Home for sale?

A:  While there are some things you can’t change about your home- the location, the school district, its floor plan, etc.  there are some things you can do to make it have more appeal.  Your home should generate an emotional response that makes the buyer feel like they are ready to move in.  Organize, de-clutter, and clean are essentials.  Flattering light that creates a warm ambiance is also a must.  Be sure that the lights are turned on in each room and curtain and drapes are open prior to a showing.  Fresh potted plants and flowers both indoor and outdoor are also musts.  And, be sure all minor repairs have been performed. 

You also want to “de-personalize” your home  Pack away the family photos, memorabilia, awards, knick knacks and so on.  Buyers need to be able to see themselves living in the home and this is harder for a buyer to visualize when they see your family and personal belongings everywhere in the home.

Q:  How do I choose an agent?

A:  When you choose an agent, you want to be sure that the agent is a good fit.  Interview three or four agents, and ask plenty of questions.  You want a Dallas REALTOR® with strong experience in the local market and with specific experience in your area.  Look for an agent that is able to offer the time involvement and support to market your home effectively.  Your agent must be accommodating and willing to show the home frequently and conduct open houses.  You also want to choose an agent that has a comprehensive plan market the home.  The agent should have a strong web presence as well as advertise through print advertising. 

Discuss the value and salability of your home with agents, and get their opinion.  Be cautious of those that seem to give you a unreasonably high listing for your home, as they may be trying to “buy” your listing making you think you will yield more money than you actually will. 

Q:  How do I decide on a listing price for my Dallas – Fort Worth home?

A:  Your agent is your backbone here.  After the agent has viewed your home, they will discuss what’s going on in the market and compare homes listed and homes sold that are similar to your property.  Homes are not compared by what’s sold, but what’s listed. 

You will also want to take into consideration how quickly you want to sell your home.  If you want a fast sale then you aren’t going to want to price the home higher than market value.  If you aren’t in a hurry to sell the property, then you might price it a bit higher than the current comparable sales indicate.  You must remember that when you list too high, you will have a lot of buyers that wait for a reduction in the property. The best suggestion is to price your home competitively.

Q:  How long will it take to sell my Dallas  Fort Worth home?

A:  Here there is no accurate answer.  For homes that are competitively priced, the home should sell within a couple of months.  There are, however, factors that influence the time frame in which a property sales- the age of the property, architecture style, the home’s condition, whether the neighborhood is a desired neighborhood, the availability of loans for prospective buyers, time of the year, and so on.  When your home is priced right, and you have a good agent, they will find a buyer for you!

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