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How to Get Top Dollar for Your DFW Home

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Sell your homes for the most moneyPart of your realtor’s job is to educate you on how to prepare your home for the market to ensure your home yields top dollar.  There’s much more than competitively pricing your home, there’s “staging” your home and making the necessary repairs that will ensure that you are able to yield the highest dollar amount from your home.  The job of your realtor is to help you maximize first impressions to attract multiple offers.  Following are a few tips that will help you to get top dollar for your home.

The entire intention is to prepare your home to attract buyers to your property.  From the moment buyers first see the outside of the home, they begin to judge it, and, unless they are looking for a fixer upper, they will be shopping for a home that is well kept, clutter free and clean.  This is the reason that home improvements make such a difference in attracting buyers, and boosting the home’s selling price. 

The main types of home improvements that will help in your home’s salability and help to set the home at top market value:  renovations, upgrades and repairs, and reorganization and maintenance.  This is where your REALTOR® will come in.  Your REALTOR® is aware of what buyers seek, and what will maximize your home’s appeal.  They are aware of what’s on the market and how your home can gain the edge over the competition.

Renovations:  It is very seldom that renovations are the solution to improve the attractiveness of the home because seldom does the selling price yield of the home the cost of the renovations.  However, minor renovations can do wonders for the overall impression of the property’s character and quality, and when this is the case, they more than pay for themselves. 

Now, when it comes to small upgrades and repairs, they are something that should NOT be overlooked!  Homebuyers, if not looking for a fixer upper, are turned off by a home that has been neglected.  To maximize your chances for getting top dollar, then it may be necessary to make minor upgrades, and you will need to make all necessary repairs- without getting into major structural and functional matters.  

Reorganize and maintenance is a definite must and similar to necessary repairs, they are a “Must Do!”  When a home is cluttered and has been let go, homebuyers will instantly lower the price of the home- the impression is that of neglect.  Here it is a simple matter of enhancing the exterior and interior of the home through simple measures such as creating curb appeal and cleaning and organizing the interior.

Determining the best asking price for your home is a challenge and an important aspect when it comes to its sell.  You want your home to be competitively priced and motivate buyers, yet, yield the highest dollar.  It is not only a matter of research; it is a matter of a REALTOR® with expert knowledge that will work for you.

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