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If you are one of the many families considering a move that will place you in the Frisco ISD, homes for sale in this area are a great choice. Buying a home here will put you in the position to enroll your children in Stafford Middle School, which is one of the best middle school programs in the entire district.  Read More

Stafford Middle School Offers

Stafford Middle School is recognized as one of the top middle schools in the district. It is an exemplary school. As a higher performing school, Stafford Middle School is nationally recognized as a school with gold performances in writing, reading, social studies, and their attendance rate. The maroon and gold Spartans are proud of their academic accomplishments and work hard to maintain their standing as one of the smartest, most well-educated middle schools in the Frisco ISD. Part of the reason Stafford Middle School students are able to excel in academics is the Learning Lab, which helps students with learning disabilities work through their issues and frustrations to become some of the most well-rounded students in the area.


Stafford Middle School features a number of extracurricular activities for students. Those who want to participate in the extra activities must maintain a good grade point average. Sports at Stafford Middle School include cheerleading and basketball. Extracurricular clubs include choir, band, theater, the guitar club, student council, and the FCA. There is even an orchestra at Stafford Middle School. Staff at Stafford Middle School believes in allowing children to participate in their favorite sports and activities. They believe that participating in fun activities motivates them to keep their grades up and let loose to have a little fun at school. Each activity, club, and sport is coached by a teacher or staff member at Stafford Middle School.