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Anderson Elementary School is a highly regarded Frisco ISD school located in Plano, Texas. It is located near many homes for sale that offer homeowners a tremendous value. Here is a handy realtor's guide about Anderson Elementary School that can help you discover insights about the school.  Read More

Homes for Sale in Anderson Elementary

Anderson Elementary School Offers

Anderson Elementary School is a Frisco ISD school located near many homes for sale on 2800 Oakland Hills. Many homes for sale located near the school are also located near several Frisco, Texas attractions that are fun to visit. Some of the most popular attractions located near Anderson Elementary School include Russell Creek Park, Legacy Village Shopping Center, Jack Carter Park and the Chisholm Trail. Moreover, homes for sale located near Anderson Elementary School are also located near Legacy Drive, West Spring Creek Parkway and other transportation hubs that offer access to other Plano, Texas attractions.

Background Information About Anderson Elementary School's Curriculum:

Anderson Elementary School's curriculum features highly regarded English, math, music, physical education, science and special education programs that meet or exceed state standards. The school's curriculum is taught using an integrated team approach that allows students to work at their own pace without sacrificing progress. The school also offers high-quality day care services and extracurricular activities that are co-sponsored by Frisco ISD officials. Many parents have praised this curriculum because it offers Anderson Elementary School students the tools needed to become independent thinkers and learners. Parents who wish to purchase Waco, Texas homes for sale near Anderson Elementary School can ask for more information about this high-quality Frisco ISD curriculum by attending one of the information sessions offered by Anderson Elementary School. For more details about these information sessions, please call or visit Anderson Elementary School for more details.