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Waterfront Homes in DFW & San Antonio for Sale

Waterfront Homes in the Dallas - Fort Worth AreaAre you dreaming of owning a home on a lake? Do you enjoy fishing, boating, bird watching or just sitting by the shore watching the sun go down? Lake homes in the Dallas - Fort Worth area are a great investment both for your own enjoyment (such as those listed above), and if you plan to resell or rent your house in the future. Neighborhoods with lake homes, such as Twin Mill Farms in Saginaw, offer a great lake home experience with community living.

For a more luxury, exclusive experience, larger lake homes are located throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro as well.

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Owning a home on a lake is not just great for personal and family recreation. Owning a home close to the water can actually decrease your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Areas close to water are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Lake homes are often worth more than homes that are not near water. If you decide to sell or rent your home in the future, you will be able to command more for the property. In a down market, resell values are influenced by luxury amenities like lakes and pools. Being on a lake can make the difference between selling a home quickly and sitting on your piece of real estate for an extended period.

San Antonio Lake Homes for Sale

San Antonio is a place of diverse and historic culture. Outdoor activities reign supreme with beautiful natural sites located nearby. Waterfront properties abound in this area, ranging from the shores of Canyon Lake to the banks of Guadalupe River. Residential communities around these areas enjoy the robust qualities of nature while also being close to everything there is to love about the second largest city in Texas.

Whether looking for waterfront homes or a place near one of these gorgeous water views, affordable single family homes to large estates are available.

Why People Love Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is a small community in Comal County just outside of San Antonio. The residential communities of Sattler, Startzville and Canyon City are found in these parts. The lake is a reservoir off the Guadalupe River in the midst of rolling hills. The lake is considered to be a hot spot of recreation around the city. With bank fishing, swimming, boating, camping and lots of water sports, homeowners in this area enjoy a lot of freedom on the water. From modern cottages to sweeping five bedroom estates, you can find a variety of different architectural styles among waterfront homes.

Finding a Place on Guadalupe River

In other cases, waterfront living is all about the peaceful quiet and communing with nature. Riverfront homes offer just the same amount of picturesque beauty as those on the lake, but it's a little bit less about the water sports. With canoeing, camping, swimming and fishing, homeowners in these parts enjoy living in a quiet area nestled away from the city lights. You can find smaller single family homes along the river, but each of these properties has custom details like rock fireplaces and custom tile or large outdoor decks with grilling stations. These are the types of riverfront homes that add luxury and convenience to anyone's lifestyle.

Waterfront living is a great choice for many families and individuals who want to experience life outside of the city but still within range of great activities. From gourmet restaurants to little boutique shops, areas around the lake and river offer a wide variety of activities. You can view all of these properties online, including high quality photos, property size, special features, pricing and contact information. It's best to view these properties in person to really understand the magnificence of the view and ease of access to the water.

San Antonio Lakefront & Riverfront Homes

Lake Placid is on the Guadalupe River and is a reservoir which is ideal spot for outdoor fun that includes swimming, boating and fishing, and an ideal spot for riverfront homes.  

Guadalupe River features riverfront homes that offer an ideal outdoor recreational lifestyle to enjoy rafting, boating, fishing, and swimming. The homes are wooded and coastal and range in all price ranges.

Along the Guadalupe River reservoir, is Lake Dunlap which is a hotspot for outdoor and water activities which includes boating and fishing.  Lakefront homes on the lake are exquisite and range in price from $300,000 up.  There are all levels of homes on the lake making something for everyone.

Lake McQueeney features beautiful lakefront homes and is a hub for great the wonders of nature allowing residents enjoy activities that includes swimming, boating, and fishing.  The lake is reservoir of the Guadalupe River.

Along the Gaudalupe River is Canyon Lake, a reservoir featuring outstanding lakefront homes that are idea for those relocating or for a second home.  Canyon Lake feature lakefront homes that are estates and range in the high hundred thousands into the millions. 

Also found on the Guadalupe River is Medina Lake, a reservoir and a beautiful setting for lakefront homes.  Lake Medina is in northeastern Medina County and about forty miles northwest of San Antonio.  The lakefront properties feature custom homes that range from $300K up.