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The Texas Real Estate Buying Process

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  1. Find a Realtor® that you like and trust.  Your Realtor® will ask you to complete an agreement which is your commitment to work with them.  If you work with multiple agents it will backfire.  All agents use multiple listings and you will not have the one on one attention needed to find your dream home.
  2. Determine all of your wants and needs.  Then schedule a meeting with your Realtor® to discuss your criteria in a home and your plans and goals. 
  3. If you require funding for the transaction, ask your Realtor® to refer lenders.  They are aware of the best lenders offering the best loan packages and will direct you to someone that they have dealt with through previous real estate transactions. 
  4. If you find Texas properties online and ask your Realtor® to schedule an appointment to view the home.  Otherwise, your Realtor® will present homes based on your criteria from the MSL listings.
  5. View homes with your Realtor®.  Your real estate professional should be a area specialist and know about the important details of the neighborhood.  Evaluate the neighborhood, the exterior of the home, its curb appeal, and the inside of the home.  Rate the home on a scale of one to 10.  With using a rating system, you will save yourself a lot of time.
  6. Look at your Realtor® as part of your team in your real estate search and helps you to not only find, but purchase and negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Write an offer on the property you are interested in.  You will be required to put a deposit on the property which will need to be in the form of check written to your Realtor’s real estate company.  Most often, the check is held until the seller accepts your offer, and will be applied to your down payment at the close of the property.  Once the seller accepts the offer, the check will then be transferred to the escrow company who will be in charge of the process of the real estate transaction.

  1. Once you present an offer, the seller will review it, and determine if they would like to reject it, counter offer, or accept it.  Here, you will depend on the skills of your real estate professional to help you throughout the entire process.
  2. Once you and the seller have agreed on the contract’s terms, you will both sign the contract.  Like your deposit check, the contract will also be transferred to the escrow company which starts the escrow of your real estate purchase.
  3. Have a professional perform the home inspection and sign all disclosure documents presented by the seller.  As the buyer, you have the option to request the seller to make necessary repairs.  However, property is sold “As Is” and the seller is not responsible to fix anything.  Here your real estate professional will act on your behalf with your best interest at hand.
  4.  The mortgage company or lender will request an appraisal of the property and gather necessary documents from you to be able to process your loan.  Always handle requests from the lender as quickly as possible.
  5. Once the appraisal is complete, you lender will then issue the final written loan approval.
  6. You will be contacted by the lender to sign the final loan documents.  You will need to have your ID with you.
  7. Five days prior to the close of escrow you and your real estate professional will have a final walk trhough of the property to ensure that it is in the same condition as when you first viewed the property.
  8. The escrow company will submit the Grant Deed and it will be recorded at the county recorder’s office.  Once confirmation is received that the deed has been recorded, the escrow company will then proceed to closing

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