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Ten Things Each Home Buyer Should Know

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  1. The best investment you can make when shopping for a home is a good Realtor®.  Choose a Realtor® that you get along well with and that you trust.  The expertise of the professional can make a world of difference in negotiations of your offer which they help you with.
  2. Realtors® belong to the  National Association of Realtors® and follow a strict code of ethics. 
  3. You home is the one real estate purchase that you have the enjoyment of living in.  All other real estate investments are normally for cash flow for retirement.
  4. Not all real estate agents are Realtors.
  5. Property taxes are determined by the purchase price of the property.  Each City or County has their own property tax formula.
  6. You may receive a tax deduction for property taxes and interest on your loan.  To determine if you are eligible, discuss it with your Certifed Public Accountant.
  7. Real estate is considered one of the best and largest investments that most people make in their life.  Over time, the value increases.
  8. When your monthly mortgage payment is made, a portion goes to the principal and a portion to the interest of the loan.
  9. According to the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, Realtors® cannot receive any compensation from people that they refer you to.
  10. Working with a Texas Realtor® to purchase a For Sale By Owner property can be to your benefit as you have someone that is acting in your best behalf.
  11. Your Realtor® can guide you to the best lenders to secure your home loan.

Your Realtor’s job is to educate, guide and inform you with the highest level of advice and service.

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