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How Does A Texas Real Estate Agency Work?

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Real estate agencies represent the best interest of their clients and have a duty to act honestly and fairly.

In the real estate market, there are three types of agencies- one agent that represents the buyer and seller at the same time, one agent that represents only the seller or one agent that represents on the buyer. 

The Listing Agent

The listing agent is the agent that represents the seller of real estate.  The role of the agent is to help the seller to get the best possible value out of the home and to represent their best interests fully.

The Buyer’s Agent

The buyer’s agent is an agent that represents only the buyer.  Here the buyer may have a written agreement to work only with the agent, which is the best choice for the buyer as the agent represents that buyer’s best interest. 

A buyer also can work with an agent without a Buyer Broker Agreement which means that there is no agreement between the two.  However, according to US News and World Report, if the agent isn’t a Buyer Broker, then they work for the seller, whose job is to get the highest selling price.  .  

According to Money Magazine, buyers average a five percent savings when represented by a Buyer’s Broker, rather than a sales agent.

Transactional Agency or Dual Agent

If you find that an agent wants to represent both the buyer and seller, beware, as your interests are not as protected.  It is almost impossible for an agent to have the best interest of both parties.

It is always best to hire a Realtor® that uses a Buyer Broker Agreement.

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