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Top Reasons to Buy a Real Estate Property in a Gated Community

Security concerns are driving more people than ever to consider living in gated communities. Other people are just attracted to the prospect of living in an area that offers a lot more privacy. As a result, it may not be accurate to view properties in these exclusive zones as merely for the rich and famous. There are a lot of affordable homes available in gated communities, even in Keller, Texas.

While not living in a gated community is not for everyone, there are benefits that come with it.

Privacy and Security

Safety is the most common reason why people choose to live in gated communities. Walls surrounding such enclaves, guards at the gate, and regulated entry for visitors all contribute to greater safety, enhanced privacy, and less crimes. The level of security varies from one gated community to the next, with only perimeter walls and entrance gates being common features. For those with serious security concerns, there are gated communities with roving guards, CCTV monitoring and other advanced security systems in place. The downside is, the cost of security arrangements are taken from Homeowners Association (HOA} dues. The higher the level of security the higher your monthly dues are likely to be.

The Advantages of a Real Estate Property Inside a Gated Community

Light Traffic

You won’t have to worry about heavy traffic even during rush hours in your neighborhood. Because it’s gated, only residents can drive around the neighborhood. Speeding cars also aren’t allowed inside. This makes the traffic light and the streets safer for kids to play.

Sense of Community

There are shared spaces inside a gated community, which can include a clubhouse, a pool, and a park. This allows families to mingle with each other, creating a strong sense of community. Just because it’s a private neighborhood doesn’t mean you’re cut off from the world. You can be friends with your neighbors and participate in community activities with them.

High Resale Value

The cost of houses in a gated community are about $30,000 more than those in regular neighborhoods. This gives the houses higher resale values. If you decide to pack up and move, you’d likely get a return on your investment.

Gated communities are for people looking for a safe, private, and luxurious home. It’s also for those who prefer community living. If you think this lifestyle suits you, then it’s time to contact a Keller real estate professional to help you find the best home.

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