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The Art Season In Full Swing

With April just beginning, it's time for the city of Dallas to kick off its art season. The Film Festival has already released its line up, and recently the Dallas Art Fair announced all the galleries planned for exhibit. The list includes:

  • A Palazzo Gallery
  • Anat Ebgi
  • Andrew Edlin Gallery
  • Artspace 111
  • Charles Bank Gallery
  • Howard Scott Gallery
  • Hussenot...

The Dallas BIG Branding Campaign

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Dallas TexasIt's been many years since the city of Dallas launched a full branding campaign, but it's coming very soon. The campaign will come to life in Victory Park and the launch party is scheduled to introduce the "...

Forgotten Secrets Found Throughout Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys Staduim in Arlington TXMany of the residents growing up in the Dallas area often forget about the many amazing things right at their doorsteps. These are the same reasons newcomers are flocking to the area, along with the growing job market and the top school districts...

Enjoy The Best Cocktails Dallas Can Offer

The Cedar SocialThe idea of going out for an evening drinking cocktails might sound just a tiny bit too SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) for you but until you've tried it you can't really knock it. Dallas is probably one of the last places in the country where anyone would expect to find a world-class cocktail bar. After all we have a reputation for loving all things Americana, rodeos and cowboy music right? However once you put one foot inside The Cedars Social you'll have to change your mind about your perceptions of the nightlife in Dallas pretty much immediately.

Located just a little bit south of downtown you'll find that The Cedars Social isn't just about mixing modern cocktails but also takes a step back in history to the times of Prohibition...

The Best Investment Properties in Dallas

Dallas TXIf you're considering relocating to Dallas to either live here or just as a city to buy a second investment home in then you're making a very wise choice.  At Nu Home Source Realty we see more and more people from across the United States making this choice every single day. Properties in Dallas are an especially popular choice because the city offers real value for money, ongoing growth both in realty prices and across the city as a whole, and you can expect to make a very healthy return on your investment as result.

With excellent employment prospects and a reputation for being a great city to live in, Dallas is attracting investors from many parts of the country. Especially the smart investor who knows that almost regardless of price range Dallas has something to offer them.

If you're working with a property investment budget of around $100,000 to $150,000...

Enjoy Everything The Dallas Arts District Can Offer You

Arts District in DallasWhen most people think about Dallas they usually think about cowboys, rodeos and any number of other cowboy-related themes or ideas. The reality is that Dallas is an extremely modern city and is actually one of the most populous cities in the United States. We also has a very diverse cultural heritage, which the city is very proud of and fully embraces. A sign of the commitment of the city of Dallas to all things cultural is the Dallas Arts District which, in true Texan style, is the largest arts district of its type anywhere in the United States.

Instead of allowing the various performing arts centers, symphony orchestras and museums of Dallas to exist in a diasporic fashion all across the city the decision was made in 1978 to centralize the entire Dallas arts scene. The Arts District was relocated to the northeastern corner of downtown Dallas,...

Where Art Is Part Of Our Existence

Dallas Museum of ArtIf you're visiting Dallas on a scouting trip as part of your relocation process then firstly we want to say "Go you!" because that's the smart way to relocate and secondly we want to say "Enjoy!" because even the most brief of visits to our city is going to show you just how much we have to offer you and your family in terms of culture and the more refined aspects of life.

For starters even just strolling around the city will expose you to the fact that Dallas loves both its public and indoor arts scene - in fact there are over 115 public art works in Dallas for you to enjoy, in addition to the numerous performing arts venues. If you add in the fact that Dallas can also offer you 9 separate museums you can see that Dallas has a lot to offer any fan of the arts. This usually comes as something of a surprise for most people because they expect to find cowboys everywhere...

Which Are The Best Suburbs in Dallas?

Highland ParkAlthough you don't see or hear much from him anymore Ross Perot was almost singlehandedly responsible for managing the growth of the population of North Texas to well over 6,500,000 people. In fact the population of North Texas is growing so quickly it's likely to double within the next 35 years and bearing in mind that 60 years ago the entire population of Texas itself was less than 6,000,000 people in total that gives you an idea of the scale of the growth.

What has this got to do with the best suburbs in Dallas though? Well this growth and the planned and managed construction of new cities paved the way for the best suburbs in Dallas to develop properly - not just in some random way. So let's take a look at the 5 best suburbs in and around Dallas and what you can expect to pay on average for a home in these areas.


Some Quick Facts on Dallas

Quick facts of Dallas Real estateConsidering relocating to any city takes a lot of planning and having some quick facts to work on can help - think of it like a "cheat sheet" for moving from one city or state to the other. So here's your "cheat sheet for moving to Dallas" - one we're more than happy to provide.


Although you might not think it Dallas is actually the third largest city in Texas and is the 9th largest city in the United States, plus at the current rate of growth the population of Dallas and the surrounding areas is set to double within the next 30-ish years. From a property owners point of view this means Dallas is going to remain prime real estate both now and in the future.

Getting Here

With two major airports in the area, in the form of Dallas/Fort Worth International and Dallas Love...

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