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McKinney Real Estate Project Starts with Building of 1,400 of the Planned 6,000 Homes

If you had read the study that ranks the best places to live in Texas, you might want to own a piece of McKinney real estate property too. However, as one of the fastest growing cities in the south, those who want to move to McKinney may find it difficult to find a suitable house to fit their needs. Fortunately, this won’t be the case much longer as McKinney prepares to welcome 6,000 new homeowners in its fold.

A $300-Million Dollar Project

While future homeowners still need to wait for the McKinney Housing Project to finish its course, the new development off the Cross F Ranch nevertheless excites those who are looking for affordable housing in McKinney. The project located north of the city near Hardin Boulevard on Highway 75 is an elaborate plan to build apartments and commercial spaces for a brand new community within the city. An initial 1,400 homes are due be built starting next year, taking up 313 acres out of the 2,100 acres of space allotted for the project.

McKinney Real Estate Market Experiences Building Boom with 6,000 Homes

Being in the list of one of the hottest housing markets in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, this certainly spells good news especially for first-time homebuyers regardless of whether they are already a resident of McKinney or just planning to move into the city.

At the moment, the planned residential development is already seeing significant improvement in construction of buildings, parks, recreational areas and trails. As soon as it is finished, it will be home to as many as 29,000 families.

Why McKinney Is Considered As One of the Best Places to Live in the Country

If you are still unsure whether to move to this booming Texas City or not, then maybe these key factors can convince you to take a closer look at the real estate market in McKinney.

Named as 2014 Money Magazine’s Best Place to Live, every resident’s heart has been captured by McKinney’s authentic Southern charm and hospitality. However, underneath all that enchanting grace is a modern city that undeniably blooms into an industrial hot-bed with an unemployment rate of just 3.7 percent - a great deal lower than the national average of 5.2 percent.

McKinney is also a melting pot of diverse cultures with its population made up of 61.2% White, 19.5% Hispanic, 9.6% Black, and 7.2% Asian. The majority of its citizens are also educated with 92.3% of its residents being high school graduates. From this number, approximately half have earned or are on the way to earning a Bachelor’s degree while approximately 15.6% are holding postgraduate or professional degrees.

Best of all, the city of McKinney is relatively safe with a crime rate that is 44 percent lower than all of Texas and 37 percent lower than the national average. With violent crimes, the numbers are even more impressive as McKinney rates 61 percent lower than other Texas cities and 56 percent lower than the national average. As for property crime, the city is 42 percent lower than the Texas average and 34 percent lower than the national average.

The low unemployment rate, peaceful community, and high number of educated residents all make McKinney an attractive prospect for couples who are looking to buy a new home and start their own family.

While McKinney, Texas has gained popularity as home to affluent families in the South, the affordable housing projects breathe in a new life for those wanting to buy a house in the suburbs at reasonable rates. With this in mind, it won’t take long for this charming Southern community to welcome new homeowners with their trademark hospitality and warmth.

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