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McKinney Real Estate: 3 Awesome Reasons to Move to a Gated Community

Homebuyers in McKinney, TX have a lot of choices when it comes to the type of homes available, from houses, to apartments, to condo units and beyond. That said if you want to have it all, then you deserve to take a look at the gated communities the McKinney real estate market has to offer.

Why choose a gated community?

When choosing a home, you obviously want to live at a location that provides privacy, security and convenience for you and your entire household. Gated communities provide the perfect blend of all of these, and more! Check out three of the best reasons why you should move into a gated community today.

Gated Communities Provide Some of the Best Real Estate Experiences

1. Safety and security

Safety and security are qualities firmly associated with gated communities and townships. As the name suggests, these properties are enclosed...

McKinney Real Estate Project Starts with Building of 1,400 of the Planned 6,000 Homes

If you had read the study that ranks the best places to live in Texas, you might want to own a piece of McKinney real estate property too. However, as one of the fastest growing cities in the south, those who want to move to McKinney may find it difficult to find a suitable house to fit their needs. Fortunately, this won’t be the case much longer as McKinney prepares to welcome 6,000 new homeowners in its fold.

A $300-Million Dollar Project

While future homeowners still need to wait for the McKinney Housing Project to finish its course, the new development off the Cross F Ranch nevertheless excites those who are looking for affordable housing in McKinney. The project located north of the city near Hardin Boulevard on Highway 75 is an elaborate...

How Anyone Can Succeed in Making Real Estate Investments

Are you looking for somewhere to put your money to expand your investment portfolio? One option you can seriously look into is real estate. In fact, it’s one of the most popular forms of investment types because properties tend to appreciate in value over time. Use or handle it properly in the coming years, and you can have a very lucrative and profitable asset in your hands.

As with any investment, there are most certainly risks you should be on the lookout for. The higher the risk, the bigger the reward, after all. You don’t have to be reckless about it, though. Here are some tips you can consider for investing in real estate, especially if it’s your first time.

How to Do Smart Investing in Real Estate: Helpful Tips for Beginners

Determine Your Real Estate Investment Type


Treats that Await When You Invest in McKinney Real Estate

McKinney is an ever-growing city in Texas. Many people consider it a good place not just to visit but to live. In fact, Money Magazine ranked it as the number one best place to live in America in 2014. Since then, it has continued to prosper without losing its small-town vibe. It outranks other cities in terms of quality of education, natural parks, housing, and employment, among others.

When looking for a real estate, each buyer has his own list of needs and wants. Whatever yours are, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the great things McKinney has to offer.

Excellent Job Market

The job market is a major factor in a homebuyer’s purchase decision. You may want to move to a place where there are plenty of employment opportunities. McKinney has a low unemployment rate, giving residents...

Hiring a Reputable Real Estate Agent vs. Trying to Sell Your Own Property

Selling your home is never an easy task, and it can often present a lot of challenges. There are two ways you can go about selling your property: one is to use a real estate agent, and the other is to try and sell the property by yourself.

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

There are vast numbers of reasons why you should elect to seek help from a real estate agent to sell your McKinney property. The most important of which is that a real estate agent is professionally trained to ensure that the sale of your house goes smoothly. They are there to help you and can let you know at any point if you need a lawyer.

Aside from this, a real estate agent will have various tricks they can use to increase the number of viewings on your property, and have a higher chance of selling your house. For example, a real estate agent may...

Experience the Beauty and Charm of McKinney Real Estate Properties

In the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex is the idyllic city of McKinney, Texas. Proudly called unique by nature, this 62.9 square mile city exudes the charm that calls on people who are looking for a peaceful place to retire to, an exciting venue for new opportunities, or simply a piece of paradise to raise a family in. 

An Ideal Place to Call Home

With a population just above 162,000, McKinney is described as fast-growing and exceptionally livable. The employment rate in the city is only at 3.7%, way below the national average of 5.2%. The median household income here is 58% higher than other cities in Texas.

When it comes to safety, Dallas News adds McKinney to its list of 10 safest areas in the DFW metropolitan area. In fact, the crime rate here is 44% lower than the average in the state of Texas.

Get Drawn in by the Numerous Real Estate Choices Found in McKinney...

Can’t-Miss Attractions Near Homes for Sale in the McKinney, TX Area

A home is one of the most important and expensive possessions a person can own. As such, you should carefully look not just at the number of rooms available or the size of the yard, you should also consider the attractions that are near your intended home.

As much as you’ll love your new home, you won’t spend all of your time in it. You’ll also want to explore the new city and get to know what makes it special. Luckily, those looking for homes for sale in McKinney, TX will find that the city is home to many great attractions.

attractions near homes for sale in McKinney TX

Historic Downtown McKinney

Walking down the streets of Downtown McKinney is like walking down memory lane. After all, it is one of the largest and oldest downtown districts in Texas. The area has over 100 businesses, and features art galleries, antique shops, boutiques,...

How to Sell Your Real Estate Property in McKinney, TX without a Fuss

At a glance, it seems easy to sell your own home-just list it alongside other homes for sale in McKinney, TX, then wait for prospective buyers to come and inquire about it. The problem is that you’ll never know exactly when a prospect may come knocking. Even if by some chance a buyer’s interest is piqued, the negotiation often falls apart because of the buyer’s unreasonable haggling.

sell real estate McKinney TX

Hiring an Expert vs. DIY

While you might receive some helpful do-it-yourself tips on selling your home, it is far better to leave the negotiations to an experienced Realtor. You can then focus on prepping your house to beat the competition. Aside from price negotiations, a reliable Realtor will actively draw prospective clients right to your doorstep, instead of waiting for one to fall into your lap.

If you are worried about paying the real estate agent’s...

Here’s a Quick Buyer's Guide to Assessing Available McKinney TX Homes for Sale

Shopping for a home is challenging, given the variety of houses available on the market. Because it’s a major investment, you can’t simply buy the first property you see and like. You must assess each of your options to determine which one best meets your needs and preferences.

Putting some criteria into force, you can narrow your options and find just the right domicile, as difficult as it may appear at first.


The place in which you will spend years of your life deserves a full vetting before choosing it from among the many homes for sale in McKinney, TX. For one, when picking a location, take into account its proximity to your workplace and different places you usually visit.

Quick Buyer's Guide

See if the neighborhood and surrounding areas host a lifestyle that matches yours as well. After all, you don't want to shop for houses...

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