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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Condo in Downtown Dallas, Texas

Downtown Dallas, Texas is a vibrant and diverse area that attracts people from all walks of life. With its unique blend of historic charm and modern amenities, buying a condo in downtown Dallas can offer an exceptional living experience. This guide will help you navigate the process of purchasing a condo in this exciting area and provide insight into the real estate market, amenities, and lifestyle available in downtown Dallas.
The Dallas real estate market has seen significant growth in recent years, making it an attractive location for those looking to invest in property. When buying a condo in downtown Dallas, it's essential to consider the current market conditions and consult with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can provide valuable insights and guidance.
One of the primary advantages of buying a condo in downtown Dallas is the access to an array of amenities. From upscale...

Homes For Sale in Plano, TX: Upgrades that Can Bring Down Home Value

Home renovations, additions, and upgrades are generally done to improve the home’s form and function. When done right, even a simple update can raise the home's value significantly. However, not all improvements are created equal. While some can increase property value, others can have the opposite effect. If you plan to sell your home in the immediate future, professional agents of homes for sale in Plano, TX share with you some of the renovations that can bring down your home value, and why.

Concrete patio

Concrete patios prevent any kind of landscaping to be done. Plus, they almost always crack, and once that happens, they can be difficult to repair. They also absorb heat, which can make the environment more uncomfortable than it should be during warmer months.

Man Works on His Home to Improve It Before Putting It Up For Sale...

Likely Reasons Why People Putting Up Plano TX Homes for Sale are Striking Out

Owning a house consists of two major junctures: the day you buy it and the day you sell it. Both involve a rigorous process, but selling can be more emotional due to your attachment to the property over time. Your emotions may get in the way of selling, clouding your judgment and making you commit mistakes. In fact, sellers tend to make at least three costly mistakes when listing their Plano, TX homes for sale.


Buyers initially look at two factors when shopping for a home. One is the overall condition and look of the house. The other is its price tag. Overpricing and underpricing can be costly. When the price is too high, buyers won’t even consider it. When the price is too low, on the other hand, doubts and worries arise, especially on the side of the sellers who fear that they’re losing potential profits.

Before posting...

Worried About Buyer’s Remorse? Avoid Three Pitfalls When Pursuing Homes for Sale

Buying a home serves as a benchmark in anyone's life. You’ve worked for years to save up for the down payment, and now you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, since this decision is so big, extreme highs can lead to extreme lows if you’re not careful.

It’s estimated that around 25% of homeowners feel some sort of buyer’s remorse after their purchase. You can make the right decision for you and your family by being aware of the following issues associated with buyer’s remorse.

Three Common Pitfalls to Circumvent When Searching for Homes for Sale

The Neighborhood


Investing Tips: Putting Your Financial Eggs in the Real Estate Investment Basket

For many folks, investing in real estate sounds like such an intimidating endeavor. It’s usually the type of investment the affluent usually embark on. Thus, for the average Joe, it’s easy to understand how the first instinct is to turn down an opportunity for real estate investment.

But there are simple ways for you to enjoy investing in property-- and no, you don’t even have to be a big real estate magnate to pull it off.

Purchase a Rental Property

This is one of the most common types of real estate investments, which involves the purchase of a lot with either a residential or commercial structure. Either way, you will need the assistance of a property manager to keep it properly maintained and secure

Real Estate Investment and How to Maximize the Opportunities from It...

Low inventory signals definite SELLER'S MARKET! What does this mean for buyers?

Total home sales in the past month were up nearly 8% over last year! We have had the highest level of real estate purchases since 2007. These numbers could have been even higher because of the number of people trying to buy but have not due to low inventory.

Buyers are finding it difficult to not only find homes but to get offers accepted as well. Buyers are competing for homes in multiple offer situations. Many homes are selling for ABOVE asking with MULTIPLE OFFERS within DAYS of being listed.

As a buyer, it is imperative to have a Realtor by your side, ready to show you houses and negotiate contracts for you in this fast paced market. With many houses selling within days of being listed, waiting even a couple days to see a house could cause you to miss out on it.

Buyers in this market need to be prepared to submit strong offers! With most homes having multiple offers and selling for above asking weak or low offers will likely not be accepted....

Don't Forget About your Dog When Buying a Home

DogAre you a pet owner that is about to buy a new home? You might want to consider your pets in making your choice. Can your pet handle stairs? Are you getting a home with a fenced yard for your dog to run around? Is your dog potty-trained for carpet? Here are the items you should consider for choosing a house that your dog can function in.


While most dogs can handle stairs, aging or senior dogs might do better in a one-story home. Not only will you run into dogs struggling up and down the stairs as they age, but even younger dogs will be tempted to chew on the beautiful wooden banisters. Young puppies see this as a perfect stick to chew on. For these reasons, stairs may not be a smart move.


You may want to get a home with a fenced-in yard for your dog. They can run around as often as needed and do their business there.  Make sure your yard...

McKinney Names Best Place to Live in America!

McKinney, TexasMcKinney is celebrating its recently awarded title of best place to live in America. Nearby Dallas is known for the best skyline and Fort Worth for an amazing downtown, but you can’t beat Money Magazine’s title of the best place to live in America.

The list published by the magazine took into consideration cities with at least 50,000 people up to 300,000 people, making it impossible to be ranked if you are too small of a town or too large of a city. The magazine plans to make another list for towns under 50,000 people next year.

What Factors were Considered?

Money Magazine used over 50 factors to rank cities for their list of best places to live in America. The list included factors like:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare costs
  • Local economy
  • Housing...

FAQ: When Is A Cash Buyer Also Considered His Own Lender?

When Is A Cash Buyer Also Considered His Own Lender?

If you listen to a certain Area Regional Manager for Century 21 or Capital Title, by paying cash, the buyer also becomes his own lender and is entitled to "lender approved" closing costs.

Now if you listen to the attorneys at the Texas Association...

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