Credit Repair Companies in the DFW Area

CRE Credit Services is your answer to gaining your financial power back and utilizing a very powerful resource, your credit score. Our 7 stage system is designed to take around 6 months and is highly successful in all areas of improving your credit score. Bankruptcy, identity theft, collections, repos, charge-offs, short sales, late pays are just some of the types of account reporting we see every day and are successful with. Our overall track record shows a 70% deletion rate on these types of accounts.

Removal of inaccurate accounts, correct personal information and eradication of unverifiable records are just part of our program.

We understand that having good credit is essential to achieving financial stability. As a standard part of our program, we’ll educate you so you understand what it takes to maximize your credit scores. We’ll share successful strategies for you to maintain a great credit report long after you have completed our program. Your credit is your number one asset, and we are committed to making sure you get the most benefit from that asset.

Here’s the difference:

  • EXPERIENCE: CRE Credit Services is co-owned and operated by James Charlet, a former member of Experian’s prestigious Consumers Affairs Special Services Department (CASS). It’s that experience and insight that translates into the excellent results everyone has been looking for.
  • A GUARANTEE: We’re so confident about our ability to get excellent results and have a high level of client satisfaction that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
  • EDUCATION: We know there’s more than just a score involved in getting a loan done. As a standard part of our program we educate the client on how to manage their balances so DOWN PAYMENT AND CLOSING COSTS DON’T BECOME AN ISSUE.
  • GREAT SERVICE: Because of our commitment to our referral sources, our client services department is REQUIRED to not only be in contact with the client regularly throughout the process, but also to be in contact with the referral source to make sure they know where their client stands.

“Better Credit…Better Options”

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