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Come on Folks

You can usually see early enough that you are going to have an issue with paying your mortgage ( divorce, sickness, transfer etc.) whatever the hardship may be, and if you are not sure that you have a true hardship, ask a professional. Get help.

Don't wait till the last minute or till you are so far behind that you can not be helped. The earlier you seek help the more success we will have with your lender.  Seek help at the first signs of trouble even if you are still able to pay your mortgage, but know it will be a problem soon.

Foreclosure is not a pretty thing to have on your credit, and bankruptcy is just putting a bandage on a very infected wound, both will hound you for years to come. 

Yes Short Sales also do their share of damage

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If this is truly what you want, stop wining and do something about it. When buying a home the most important thing, next to having a job, is your credit score.

In todays market you need a min. credit score of 620 to get an FHA approval. If you do not know what your score is, go to My and get a copy. You will need to see what your score is with all three bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Lenders usually view all three but mainly use the middle score when qualifying you.

After you have your scores in hand and know what you need to work on, then take the time to sit down and make a plan and also set a time to complete that plan.  One year should be enough to make a difference.  Do not take the easy way out and file Banksrupsey, that

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I spent the last few days showing many waterfront properties in the area.   There are many good  buys out there on Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Granbury. Both beautiful lakes that provide lots of entertainment value and both an easy commute to Fort Worth. Prices are all over the map from inexpensive mobile homes on waterfront lots to palatial palaces.

There are many good buys also in south Fort Worth. lots of homes priced in the $ 60's and 70's and up from there, some houses are in really good shape and ready for move in. Others are great investment purchases that can provide good equity to a savvy buyer. The schools in the area Crowley ISD are a big magnet for newcomers because of the high ratings they enjoy from TEA.

 Speaking of schools the new high

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Keller Texas still continues to grow and now is one of the most sought after cities in North Texas.  This once small town (1981 census 5,000 residents) now boosts a population of some 40,000 people. 

Keller got its start mainly due to being on the rail line. The train started its run in 1881 and several villages (now called cities) sprung up all along that line. Keller was one of them and was named in honor of John C. Keller a Forman on the railroad.

The city has expanded now to the point that it now has 2 zip codes 76248 and 76244. It is also serviced by 2 of the most outstanding school districts in all North Texas. Keller ISD and Northwest ISD.

Over the last 10 or 15 years, developers have been the main reason for all of Keller's growth, and one of

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