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Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s time to come up with something special to do with your significant other. Love is in the air in Dallas and folks here are looking for something more special and unique than a dozen roses and a grocery store box of chocolates. This year try something fun with your loved one like a hot air balloon ride, a romantic cooking class or even a Dallas by Chocolate tour. Here is a look at the top picks for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Dinner & Flight – 5303 Challenger Drive

This year Delta Charlie’s Bar & Grill is hosting a Valentine’s Day Dinner & Flight for you and your Valentine. It will include a three-course dinner and amazing views of the city for $175 per couple. You’ll get 30 minutes of a

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Art Gallery

The Dallas Forth Worth area is known for many things, but art is definitely one aspect that you have to experience when visiting. This coming spring will bring an array of works that will satisfy an assortment of art connoisseurs. These works will come from artist all over the world.

Here are some of the events that you will not want to miss.

Robert Jessup And Chris Larson - 1626 C Hi Line Drive, Dallas, TX

Place: Conduit Gallery

Date: January 10th to Febuary 14th

The Conduit Gallery will present Robert Jessup’s “New Paintings 2013 to 2014", and Chris Larson’s “Heavy Rotation". An art professor at the University of North Texas, Jessup is no stranger to the art world. Jessup likes to walk on the wild side of art by using brilliantly

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When Millions of Americans where losing their homes in this latest recession, many needed a place to live, and started moving into apartments and rental properties. That shift caused rents to soar.  Going back in History, it shows that since 1988 rents have doubled and are expected to continue to rise as long as the demand is there.

Well folks, Tax Time is now upon us again, and a lot of you will be getting a nice return, so those of you that have been saying you are tired of paying your Landlord's mortgage and would love to get a home of your own, what are you waiting for??  Every situation is different and yes some of you do not have a choice, however this is directed at "you" yes you, that do have a choice and just cannot muster up the courage to

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          As you have heard on the News lately, interest rates are still at an all time low, but no surprise, experts are predicting that they will start going up in the near future with our improving economy.  If you now own a home and have no plans on moving, you may want to think seriously about Refinancing to a 15yr. Mortgage. While it may cost you a few bucks in the beginning, in the long run you will save a bundle, not to mention getting your home paid off a lot sooner at a lower interest rate and building a lot of equity at the same time.  Then down the road when, and if you decide to sell, that equity will come in handy toward your new home.  Talking with a Lender (which may I add will not cost you anything) can give you the exact figures on what

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Effective on January 26th New Government (Fannie Mae) Rules to go into effect.

How does this effect you the Seller:  You put your house on the market, you had picked an agent who helped you determine that the best price to list your home for was $250,000, you found a buyer willing to pay that price. The Appraiser comes to the home and agrees your home is worth the asking price and writes their report. Everything is working perfectly!  Your Buyer is happy they found their dream home, in the right neighborhood, in the right school district, with the perfect yard, at the high end of their budget, but all the pluses are worth it. Both parties agree on a price and the buyers now start daydreaming about living in their New Home.

What happens after January

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Calendar - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dafnecholet/5374200948

Savor Dallas is a signature event that has been taking place in Dallas for the last 11 years. If you are a foodie or wine aficionado, this is one you don't want to miss. It takes place from March 19 through March 22, 2015. If you have ever attended this event you know just how amazing it can be. Well expect it to be even better this year.

An Upscale Event

This year’s event will be very upscale and cater to those who have a discerning palate. On Thursday, March 19th, the event will kick off with a wine stroll through the Dallas Arts District. On the 20th you will get to experience Savor the Arboretum. There will also be several different seminars and winemaker dinners you can attend during the four day festival.

The third day of the event

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Golf Course

The Southern Oaks Golf Club is a public course located in Dallas-Fort Worth. It’s one of the most improved 18-hole courses with a championship design. Along with golf, the golf club offers a clubhouse with dining, fireplace, game table and rooms for rental use. Enjoy the practice facilities before your round of golf or the pro shop to grab apparel or clubs. Here is what you need to know about the Southern Oaks Golf Club.


Mark Brooks designed the course from his 30 years of experience on the PGA Tour. He’s studied the features of the world’s best courses to bring them to Southern Oaks. The course is designed to meet the needs of both the average player and the advanced player. The challenging and fun course is a par-72 layout. You’ll

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If you are one of the many homeowners out there who are debating putting their home on the market in 2015, don't miss out on the opportunity that currently exists. There will be significantly less competition in the winter months than in the spring. According to the latest released survey by Fannie Mae, 45% of homeowners "say mortgage rates will go up in the next 12 months."

The Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are each projecting Mortgage interest rates to increase substantially over the next twelve months.

Homeowners are unaware that interest rates are projected to go up by all four major reporting institutions - This is big news for move-up buyers reflecting the overall amount of

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I want to give you a little bit of history on home prices and the housing market, followed up with a little bit of what the experts predict is going to be taking place over the next few years.

In many areas across the country in early 2014 we were seeing a positive in the housing market and predictions that all is looking good for the future, well over the last few months those areas are down a little bit from where they were but this doesn't mean prices are falling, it simply means appreciation isn't as high as it was earlier in the year.  It also means they're not increasing at the same levels that they were.  The overall outlook for the coming years is still looking very positive. Housing prices are edging up and many people that were upside-down

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Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are now again offering 3% down Mortgage Loans.

This is possibly a good sign that our housing market is stabilizing and home owners are once again starting to see some appreciation on their investment.

The 3 percent was offered in the past, but when it became too risky for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to back these loans, they were no longer available and you needed a min. of 5 percent to get a Conventional loan.

I will add at this time that it is always better to be able to put down as much as possible because on the whole, the more you put down, the better your interest rate will be.

With most first time home buyers and their inability to save for a large down payment, the lower the required down will allow more

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