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Dinner Theater - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/northcharleston/10996803495One great way to spend a night out instead of the typical movie night or going out to dinner is to try one of Dallas’s dinner theaters. It combines dinner and entertainment all in one stop. It’ll save you money and time traveling to two different locations. You also get to be a part of the action at dinner theaters. Here are the best ones in Dallas and what you can expect to enjoy.

The Dinner Detective - 1015 Elm Street, Dallas, TX

If you go to downtown Dallas, you can enjoy the dinner theater show of The Dinner Detective at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. What you can expect is to be a part of solving a mystery. You’ll be seated at tables and you won’t know if those at your table are guests or actually a performer or murderer in the show.  


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Shopping with an iPhone - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonahowie/8583950599Smartphone users will love the new DART app that you can get right on your phone. By registering with your cell phone and adding a credit card, you can now purchase passes for DART, DCTA, and the T any time. This is great for planning trips, finding out train times and bus times, and getting around in DFW. The DART app has teamed up with the State Fair of Texas to allow you to purchase tickets to the best fairs in town.


The DART app is a part of GoPass, an app set up for purchasing bus and rail tickets right from your phone. This transit tool allows you to purchase transit passes, plan trips and find out what’s happening in DFW. You can purchase passes and hold tickets for as long as 60 days.

The app allows you to store as many

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DogAre you a pet owner that is about to buy a new home? You might want to consider your pets in making your choice. Can your pet handle stairs? Are you getting a home with a fenced yard for your dog to run around? Is your dog potty-trained for carpet? Here are the items you should consider for choosing a house that your dog can function in.


While most dogs can handle stairs, aging or senior dogs might do better in a one-story home. Not only will you run into dogs struggling up and down the stairs as they age, but even younger dogs will be tempted to chew on the beautiful wooden banisters. Young puppies see this as a perfect stick to chew on. For these reasons, stairs may not be a smart move.


You may want to get a home with a

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MarathonFor those that love racing or want to try it, Dallas-Fort Worth will be featuring plenty of racing opportunities this fall. Summer is over and the weather is cooling down so it’s a great time to get active. Get in shape or try something new with these upcoming races in DFW.

Monster Dash

On October 25th the Halloween-themed Monster Dash will be going on in Fort Worth. Wear your Halloween costume and join in the kid-friendly 5k race. The race will start at Panther Island Pavilion. Along with the costume contest, they will be featuring trick-or-treating stations. It costs $60 for half marathon, $50 for 10k, $45 for adult 5K and $30 for kids 5K.

McKinney Mini

On Saturday November 8th, you can take part in the McKinney Mini. You can choose from

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If you are considering buying a new home in the near future, here is a booklet you may find very helpful. As a first time home buyer or moving up to a new home or even downsizing, you may have questions and just not sure where to get the answers. I do hope you find them in this artical. file:///Users/barbaranewton/Desktop/BuyingaHomeFall2014.pdf
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StorageMany people feel like their homes just don’t have enough storage space. They accumulate more things over the years and there isn’t always a place to keep everything. Your home actually has plenty of storage spaces that you might not be utilizing. Whether it’s a hidden place or something you’ve never thought of before, here are a few storage spots in your home that you may have missed.

The Kitchen Island

Most people get a kitchen island to have more space to cut vegetables. Did you ever think to use the part underneath for storage? While you’re focusing on the top as a prep space, add storage underneath for pots and pans or extra food.

Under the Sink

In the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you may have a sink, you can use the space

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Pumpkin SoupFall is here and Halloween is around the corner. Everyone is celebrating the beautiful fall leaves, the weather cooling down, and the symbol of the season: the pumpkin. Along with getting pumpkins for your home, you are probably excited to try the pumpkin flavored treats at restaurants around town. In Dallas-Fort Worth, here are the places to go for pumpkin dishes.

Victor Tangos - 3001 North Henderson Avenue. Dallas, TX

Victor Tangos is the spot to go for some unique pumpkin dishes. Chef Kirstyn Brewer created a panko breaded pumpkin dish that’s become a seasonal favorite. She takes panko-crusted Japanese pumpkins mixed with a cabbage slaw and served with siracha mayo and sweet soy sauce.

Bird Café - 155 East 4th Street, Fort Worth, TX

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A common perception about selling real estate is that the pricier ones stay in the market longer than others. Sell a property for over $30 million, however, and that perception is shot to ribbons.

It's rather surreal, but Realtor.com has the data to prove it. Luxury homes selling for under $30 million tend to stay in the market for an average of 180 days, but those that go for over $30 million stay for only 139 days. The latter even sell faster than homes priced between $5 and $5.9 million.

To explain this phenomenon, it's important to first define what makes a luxury home.

Over a Million?

Most industry professionals consider real estate as luxury if it's priced over $1 million. Other realtors, however, define luxury homes as those

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What a different housing market we are in now, compared to just a few short years ago.  When sellers were selling their home, they were forced, in most cases to accept offers below asking price and paying closing cost to boot, and in some cases, they gave the buyer anything they wanted just to sell, also interest rates were then at a record low 3% range, which made it a great time for buyers to purchase a home.

Buyers were told at the time that this will not last and if they truly want to buy a home, they had better do it soon, some listened and some didn't.

Well now the tables have turned, interest rates are up to the high 4% to low 5% range. Sellers are getting multiple offers within days of listing their homes and in most cases they are getting

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Population wise, Texas is the second largest state in the country. Recent developments are proving, however, that it may soon displace California from the top spot.

The Lone Star State welcomed more than 177,000 domestic and international newcomers in recent times, the largest growth recorded among the 15 fastest growing states. Overall, its population of over 26 million is still far from California's 38 million; but the latter had one of the slowest growth rates in 2013, due in no small part to over 49,000 domestic emigrations.

CNN correspondent Les Christy reports that, according to real estate brokers, two factors are fueling Texas' population boom: the availability of jobs and affordable housing.

Badly mauled by the recession in 2008,

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