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Singles BarSingles need a place to go that's not home, but feels like home. Dallas is full of great places to go and some of the best singles bars provide a great home away from home. Here are a few of the top choices for you to enjoy a night out with friends or try to meet somebody.

Plush - 1400 Main Street, Dallas

Those looking to go out and dance will enjoy this singles night club. It's found in the downtown area of Dallas and provides a "Vegas-Style" club with multiple levels and a VIP area. This is certainly one of the hottest places for dancing and for singles.

Vino 100 - 2909 McKinney Avenue, Suite A, Dallas

Vino 100 is a great wine bar with plenty of excellent choices. The mood music isn't so loud that you can't talk to other patrons and they

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Westover Hills, Texas

Westover Hills is one of the best neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas. It’s a local favorite for the beautiful landscape, the peace and quiet away from the city, and the homes that look like they were pulled out from a town in France.

Walking through Westover Hills, you will notice the amount of beautiful trees lining the streets and the wonderful landscaping everywhere. The neighborhood is so uniquely designed that you may feel you have left town while you are here. With the feel of a romantic European town, Westover Hills is sought-after neighborhood to live.

People also choose to live here for the feeling of safety and the quaint small town vibe. They even have their own police department. Living here allows you to live only 6 miles from

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Southlake TXSouthlake is known as one of the most luxurious areas in the DFW area. This part of North Texas is very popular for this reason. Here are some of the neighborhoods in the Southlake area with homes starting around $1 million.

Clariden Ranch

This is a luxurious neighborhood. Within Clariden Ranch there are over a hundred deluxe style homes. Construction has been completed. Typically, a residence will have one acre of land and homes range from about $0.5 million to $2.5 million.

Coventry Manor

This luxurious neighborhood also has deluxe homes. Of the homes that are here, there are about a hundred. The construction ended in 2001 and the homes were built over about five years. Typically, each residence will have a half of an acre to one acre of

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The Dallas-Fort Worth area is very diverse and caters to many people from all walks of life. From middle-class residents to celebrities, the area is home to many. Here are some of the famous people living in the DFW area.

Piper Perabo

Do you remember the young girl who wanted to make a difference in the music industry in the movie Cayote Ugly? Well, if you do, then that pretty  and talented coyote was none other than Piper Perabo. She is a native Texan born in 1976.

Gina Carano

This girl came from a family known and famous in their own field. Her Dad was once a key player on the Dallas Cowboys from 1977 to 1983. Carano is not just known for her pretty looks, but also because of her fierce personality. She enjoys doing mixed martial arts to

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Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/13907042014In April of 2010, Rusty Fenton opened the first Rusty Taco. It was opened in a former auto mechanics garage. Now, Buffalo Wild Wings wants a bite of the action.

Buffalo Wild Wings just ate up the majority share of the authentically home-cooked taco meals restaurant. Before the deal, Rusty Taco had two company owned restaurants and seven franchised and now they will be expanding as Buffalo Wild Wings takes them under their wings.

Looks like Rusty Taco is going to be flying to new heights with the freshest ingredients at an affordable price, which is probably the best combination, anyone in the food industry could have. With Buffalo Wild Wings holding the majority stake, these genuine home-cooked tacos are going to fly higher than any dream Rusty

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In North Texas there is not much that is holding back new home buyers. Now with all of the skepticism that has been in the wake of the recession, there has not been much faith restored yet into the housing market.

The good news is that the North Texas area is home to some of the best cities, in the country. Home prices are becoming more affordable and ways to buy are getting easier as the financial times are getting better.

As far as August goes, it was one of the best months for home sales as WalletHub goes to show. They determined from well over 200 of the biggest cities what was the most and least attractive places for first time home buyers. For anyone looking to relocate these are certainly some stats to study if you’re looking to gain some

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WestlakeAre you now ready to finally purchase your dream home in the Dallas area? Your dream home may not come cheap. Many neighborhoods found throughout the Dallas area provides home ranging from $1 million and up. However, Westlake is one of the more popular areas for luxury real estate. Here are a few Westlake neighborhoods with plenty of homes starting around $1 million.

Glenwyck Farms

This particular neighborhood is one of the most luxurious neighborhoods found in Westlake. Currently, it has 85 homes that were built between the years 2000 & 2007. House sizes, in this area, range from 7,300 square feet to as much as 8,500 square feet, and total land areas that can reach up to 1 acre. Price range for house and lots in the Glenwyck Farms neighborhood

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New Alamo Drafthouse

Since the speech of Bill DiGaetano in 2012, people in the Alamo have been patiently waiting for more Drafthouses. Until this very day, all that is available is the one in Richardson. The long wait is going to be over soon, because before the end of 2015, Downtown Dallas will have its’ very own Alamo Drafthouse.

The theater is expected to have eight-screens and cover two full stories. It will be found the southwest corner of Lamar Street and Cadiz Street in Cedars. The Alamo Drafthouse will also be located very close to the Dallas Convention Center.

Many residents are thrilled with the announcement of the new theater, especially since it will be the first one in the city. Actually, the city government is expecting big things from this new

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Did you know there are animal names for different types of home buyers, like shark home buyers and the sheep home buyer? Buyers fall into categories with real estate agents that are determined by their behavior and decisions. These categories fit most buyers due to their various personalities and work styles. Here is a guide to see what type of homebuyer you are.

  • Shark Home buyers are aggressive and demanding. They want you to be available right now, not later, and will not be afraid to ask for whatever they may desire.
  • The sheep home buyer is highly influenced by those around them. They are not going to make a decision on a home without the approval of others and not before knowing what other home buyers typically do. They like to follow the
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